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Vegetarian Menu

Contact us to order for partys or special occasions. Do try our daily specials :

Saturday - Sunday 8:30 - 11 AM : Aloo, Gobi, Mooli, Paneer Parantha (Big Size) with Lassi / Tea / Halwa....$4.99 + tax

Mondays: Rajma with Rice, chutney (onion, red chilli and mint) + Dahi / Raita + Pop / Water .......$4.99 + tax

Tuesdays: Makki Roti Saag with Lassi ....$5.99 + tax

Wednesdays: Karhi with Rice and Karela + (sweet nimbu achar) ....$4.99 + tax

Thursdays: Latcha Prantha with Daal Tadka + Tea ....$4.99 + tax


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  • Kulcha Chana


    Creamy chick peas served with pickle, tandoori soft bread and yogurt.

  • Stuffed crispy pudding made to be stuffed with select Indian spices and dry lentil mix, served with creamy chic peas and Indian style pickle.

  • Pao Bhaji


    Sauteed vegetables meshed potatoe vegetable prepared in tomato sauce. Spices and server with baked buns.

  • A sweet dessert made from various grains, nuts and almond chips, served with deep fried breads and chana.

  • Biryani


    A traditional rice dish cooked in exotic spices and garnished with fried onions.

  • Creamy green mustard and spinach cooked in traditional punjabi style with pickle, maize bread and yogurt (sweet / salted).

Appetizers and Snacks

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  • Samosa Chana


    Light flaky pastry envelope stuffed with seasoned potatoes and green peas deep fried, served with creamy chick peas.

  • Creamy chick peas served with pickle, deep fried wheat bread and yogurt.

  • Chaat Papri


    Crunchy wafers topped with chick peas, potatoes, our special blend of spices laced with yogurt and tarmrind sauce.

  • Bhel Puri


    A scrumptious melange of puffed rice, peanuts, fine crispy noodels, potatoes and onions mixed with tamarind sauce and garnished with fresh coriander.

  • Dahi Bhalla


    Lentil based savory balls which are smothered with frothy fresh curds and tamarind sauce.

  • Pani Puri


    Hollow crispy shells made to be stuffed with boiled potatoe chunks and chick peas, served with tamarind sauce and spicy .


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Taxes not included, please advice the server for any allergies.