Importance of Indian Sweets

People from across the world travel miles together to visit India to understand various cultures, lifestyle and food habits. One thing that they never miss out, is to relish and experience the richness and deliciousness offered by our pure desi sweets or Indian Mithai. Without sweets, any cuisine in India is incomplete. In the current trend, we can also find delicious sweets online as per our need. Most of the Indian sweets are made of rich and healthy ingredients such as milk, khoya, paneer, cheese, cream, nuts, ghee, dry fruits, jaggery, Kesar etc. These sweets bring out the authentic Indian flavour, taste and the rich cultural story behind it.

Over 150 different sweets are originated from various parts of the country. However, most of them cannot be replicated to the original taste and flavour in any other region by any other natives, even if the ingredients and proportion are the same. This is because each region also has its own cultural way of making, with the local ingredients and their hands-on techniques passed from generation to generation.

One can go on a spree travelling across the country to taste the different Indian sweets from all these parts of the country to get the original taste and feel. For those who cannot afford to do this, most metropolitan cities have special shops that make the authentic versions which bring people close to their culture even if they are staying in a far land. One can even find delicious sweets online and can have them delivered at their doorstep to feel at home. Indian sweets are more connected to one’s spirit, childhood memories, and strong emotions and are deep rooted in one’s culture and tradition.

Indian Sweets are not merely sweets, they are stories, they are memories and they are close to one’s heart!!!

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