Importance of Indian vegetarian food

An age old maxim “you are what you eat” has been proven time and again that the food you eat, its quality as well as quantity has utmost significance on our health. Many people turn vegetarian due to the religious belief but here the most important concern is your health. Indian vegetarian food is not […]

Catering or cooking for special occasions

Catering is only viewed as a part of serving food, and assisting people with appetizers and main courses but one needs to know that it is much more than that. A professional catering service is highly important to maintain the ambiance of the event that has been organized and it really cannot be taken care […]

Importance of Indian Sweets

People from across the world travel miles together to visit India to understand various cultures, lifestyle and food habits. One thing that they never miss out, is to relish and experience the richness and deliciousness offered by our pure desi sweets or Indian Mithai. Without sweets, any cuisine in India is incomplete. In the current […]